Turbine Selection

Generally Russian turbine producers can manufacture their own gas turbine sets up to 25 MW. These gas turbine packages were designed using aircraft turbines converted for usage as electrical and heat generator sets.

Gas turbine sets up to 30 MW can be supplied by packaging companies in “plug and play” version compared with steam turbine sets. Such turbine packages don’t require construction of a building for placing turbine itself, steam generator and auxiliary equipment.

Prefabricated gas turbine generator set for outdoor installation

Factory assembled turbine packages are the basic solution for the Russian market because they don’t need much engineering construction. There is no need in selecting of auxiliary equipment. Moreover it is very difficult to do construction work because of climate conditions in many far away regions, especially in Siberia.
It is extremely important for oil and gas production companies to reduce the quantity of construction works in remote regions where the temperature range can be – 60…+ 40 °C.

Russian engineering design companies prefer to use factory assembled turbine sets from turbine packaging firms. Usually domestic project design companies don’t have enough potential to develop projects themselves without the help of an OEM or a packaging company.

Gas turbine power plant

Gazprom company in cooperation with General Electric managed to start successful production of gas turbine MS5002E as a drive for centrifugal gas compressors and power generator 32 MW. Another sample of gas turbine production is cooperation of Siemens and its Russian branch STGT. This joint company works successfully for production of 187 MW gas turbine.
The latest news showed that there would be a partnership of Gazprom and Ansaldo for production of steam and gas turbines 40…350 MW in the nearest future.

In steam turbine branch the situation is completely different from gas turbine production. There are 2 major steam turbine producers in our country with a very long history. During the Soviet period Russia managed to construct steam turbines of a wide range of power from 5 up to 1200 MW.

Здание угольной паротурбинной электростанции

Nowadays these turbines are the basis of electrical generation in Russia. They are still in usage despite the operational period exceeding 50 years. Total share in power generation of these steam turbines is approximately 85%.

Many of these steam turbines need urgent overhaul or replacement in the following 5 years.

Compressorturbo helps in selection of steam and gas turbines for operation both in parallel with the grid and isolated mode. The selection depends on different factors such as maximum electrical load, type of fuel etc.