Air Intake Filters for Gas Turbines

Each kPa of inlet air pressure drop into a gas turbine causes a loss in power around 1…1.5 %. When evaluating inlet air filters for gas turbines, users should search for more than simple low pressure drop. High filtration efficiency is even more important for upholding power output capacity over long-term service.

Efficient Filtration of ambient air contains a wide spectrum of suspended particles, most of which are invisible. These small components make up the predominant part of the particles entering the compressor and turbine during operation of gas turbine power stations. They enter as a consequence of inefficient inlet air filtration.

The result can be a compressor fouling of gas turbine. Since up to 85 percent of the power output loss of gas turbine engines occurs due to compressor fouling, filtering out these extremely fine particles is of the utmost importance. EMW® Filter Systems EMW® offers personalized solutions for highly efficient inlet air filtration in gas turbine engines worldwide.

Whether intended for use in normal locations or near coastlines or sandy deserts, EMW® filter systems are designed for the specific conditions at the user’s site. Each system supplied is optimized for the airborne dust particles at the intended site, ensuring efficient filtration which prevents problems before they arise.

EMW® air filters offer users an optimum balance of constantly high filtration performance and minimum increase in pressure drop over their entire service life. Their low initial pressure drop is another benefit provided to gas turbine plants worldwide.