Spare Parts Production

It was informed that according to the government program # 328 (15.04.2014) «Industry development and increase of  competitiveness» Russian power generation and especially defense companies are restricted to purchase products and equipment which are produced abroad.

The program of import substitution has been implemented since 2014. Big quantity of import equipment of different types was exported to Russia before that. It is well known that the elements and blocks for imported turbines and gas compressors are not produced in Russia.

Thus the need for production of spare parts for the imported equipment emerged. That was the beginning of the program for import substitution planned by the Russian government.

It should be taken into account that now the companies with a government share are strictly restricted to buy imported equipment. It relates both to the purchase of new equipment and repair of those installed earlier. However, these companies are main consumers of such machinery and equipment on the Russian market.

Many Russian companies of power generation and oil/gas branch are interested in purchase of spare parts for steam and gas turbines, gas engines and gas compressors of foreign manufacturers. Before starting the state import substitution program such high tech elements of big gas turbines and other equipment practically were not produced in Russia. The main problem for production of spare parts is absence of technical documentation which can be used for this purpose.

In comparison with import equipment this problem is not actual for the Russian gas compressors and turbines. Most technical documentation, drawings and data for manufacture technology are available for domestic equipment.

Design documentation which is necessary for production of imported electricity generation and gas equipment is not supplied to Russian customers except operational and service manuals.

A big complexity for production of spare parts is that tolerance data for details are not available as well. In this case the drawings and 3D models have to be created again. Only after that real details and units of gas and power generation equipment can be manufactured.

Such method of documentation development on the basis of existing details is called reverse engineering. With the help of this method a large number of foreign companies have begun production of many types of spare parts for energy industry.

Recently Russian engineering companies have been already producing many components for gas and power industry. For instance, rotor wheels of centrifugal compressors and some parts for gas turbines of foreign suppliers are already manufactured in Russia.

The spare parts produced by reverse engineering have already passed the trial operation successfully. According to the government program of import substitution domestic manufacture allows to guarantee component production of imported equipment.

It was declared that reverse engineering and purchase of new machinery will help to establish production of new details for imported equipment in the nearest future.

Compressorturbo offers its help and consulting about everything which concerns spare parts production for power generation and oil/gas industry on the territory of the Russian Federation.