Gas Compressor Selection

Gas compressor selection Russian market is represented by a few gas processing branches such as:

  • LNG production (centrifugal, reciprocating compressors);
  • Gas transportation by high pressure and high flow main pipelines (centrifugal);
  • Gas compression for gas turbines (centrifugal, screw compressors);
  • Gas processing plants (centrifugal, reciprocating);
  • Oil refinery plants (hydrogen reciprocating, centrifugal compressors).


Container compressor package with gas engine drive

There is a variety of compressor applications in Russia. It is well known fact that our country is one of the main world gas exporters. Compressor production industry is represented in Russia by a few major producers.
Kazancompressormash has facilities for production of centrifugal and screw compressors of the third generation. Most of technical solutions were developed in the Soviet period around the 1970s without considerable changes since that period.

However, many centrifugal and screw compressor packages of this vendor are used in many gas pipelines in oil and gas fields. The second vendor is the Gazprom subsidiary REP Holding. This factory OEM is able to package big centrifugal and axial gas compressors with electrical and gas turbine drive.

Centrifugal gas booster station with gas turbine drive

The third gas compressor packager is Kurgankhimmash which can produce packages of reciprocating Ariel and screw Leroi/Vilter compressors. It should be mentioned that there are no companies in Russia which can manufacture reciprocating and screw compressors of good quality.

There are many screw gas compressor packages made by Kazankompressormash because have big radial gaps. These gaps allow to compress low quality gas with high percentage of liquid components. These compressor packages allow to use simple gas inlet filters.

There are foreign manufacturers such as GEA and Howden and in some cases customers prefer to work with these brands. Modern control systems are used in these packages. At the same time high quality screw compressors have higher requirements for gas treatment before compressors.

One should take into account that the federal program of OEM import replacement changes balance between domestic and imported compressor components. It is especially important when foreign companies make further steps on the Russian market for their development.

Compressorturbo helps in selection of screw, reciprocating, centrifugal gas compressors for different flow and different pressure drop.