Power Equipment

Compressorturbo specializes in selection, commisioning, spare parts supply and repair works for gas and power equipment:

  • Gas piston gensets, gas engines;
  • Diesel gensets, diesel engines;
  • Steam turbines;
  • Gas turbines;
  • Gas compressors (reciprocating, screw, centrifugal);
  • Gas treatment packages;
  • Gas filters;
  • Air filters for gas turbines.

Compressorturbo analyzes project documentation and operation of steam and gas turbines, gas engines, screw and centrifugal compressors, gas filtration systems. Customers will be given reccomendations for further equipment operation.

Compressorturbo checks technical offers of equipment suppliers provided for purchase procedures.

Comressorturbo has competency for checking of technical and economic feasibility study for new power plant construction, transportation and processing of natural and associated oil gas.

Compressorturbo supplies spare parts for power generation equipment and makes projects supervision, commissioning, repair works and overhauls. The company can manufacture and supply different spare parts for Russian and foreign gas and steam turbines, gas compressors, gas and diesel engines.

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69/75, Vavilova st., Moscow, Russia

E-mail: c-turbo@bk.ru